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Scars for the Broken by Narniakid

Definentely a favourite of mine now, wow... many words, so scribbled on and so hurt, which is so........ i'm not sure honestly, that is...

Leave me by TurntoTears

I say that's really good, the empowering sense of so many things it is immense, especially with what I can relate to it, which are seve...


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Let's watch it burn

Burn it down, down to the ground!
Quick it isn't burnt up yet!
Let's watch it burn every second into nothing!

Let's watch it burn all the ashes away,
The lies a stray,
The broken promises fly fly away,
All the worry all the regret,
Let's watch it burn to the ground!

Let's watch it burn until its existence is no longer!
Perhaps, Maybe, Someday...
The history will unfold,
Perhaps we never were meant to be,
Maybe it was just puppy love,
Someday is still yet so far away,

So let's watch it all burn away,
Nothing no more,
Until its eradicated and extinct!
Oh come one come all,
The ballad of flames of the mind within sizzles,
The heart that used to beat now no longer under pain,
This spirit that's a caged bird will fly...

Let's watch it burn down to the ground,
Along with that...
Everything that was said and done,
Every poisoned memory withering away into ashes,
Every pleading word for salvation...

There has been no salvation from ones self,
So why don't we watch it burn to the ground?
It seems quite entertaining,
But with one that has such a massive pain,
Something that can never be undone,
Never be repaired,
Never healed,
Never corrected,
There seems to be no fight in its whole...

So instead let's watch it burn,
Fall to the ground,
Rot and decay for all to see,
For there was once good and happiness,
But like the breath that gets stripped away,
From the one you think you love,
It too got stripped away and pillaged...

Come one,
Come all,
Let's watch it burn,
Down to the ground,
Until it no longer exists.

Let's watch it burn
Yes this is inspired from city by Hollywood undead, this is in relation to me for how I feel..
Closing Eyes

Closing my Eyes with hope, love, sincerity and Trust...
We always take things for granted until the one you love vanishes...
Never once do we know what we have until it's gone,
Closing my eyes I Hope and Pray that it'll be different...
Wishing and Believing that it is different,
Minds faulter and Opinions Clash,
I can say when I Close my Eyes,
I feel safe...
Like I Matter with you around...
Words... are... nothing but what we Believe them to do...
They can Either hurt or heal us...
It completely and totally depends on what you do with what's told to you,
Whether good or bad,
You will only find out in the end as life does as it pleases,
Within these balances...
Adaptable sequences of events,
I have learned 1 very important thing with my life,
That is...
Everyone... Will eventually hurt you,...You just need to know who's worth the pain...
There is one Person who will get this...
One person on my mind...
One soul that is my Polar opposite that balances me,
Makes me who I truly am...
Makes me love my Self so I can love this person with all I am...
Makes me a better person in the long run and short,
Keeping my eyes open and correcting me when I'm wrong...
Healing my Shattered and Broken Soul...
Mending my Tattered and Abused Heart...
Bringing me back to...
Who I want to be...
Who I aimed to being...
Who I will be for this person...
Because they are More than worth it...
We close our eyes in several ways...
Blinking... Sleeping... Squinting...
Several ways...
However there is only one Person who I see behind my Closed Eyes...
Only one Person who can bring the absolute Worst and Best out of me...
This Person has seen unfortunately the Worst out of me...
I now Close my Eyes and sleep,
Only to wake up and think of ways to improve...
To better us as a whole...
Not my self individually as I am Internally and Externally happy for who I am...
In several years...
Feel alive...
I feel...
That I am worth something to someone...
I feel...
Like I have a purpose...
A Goal...
A future Vision and Plan...
Something I haven't had for many years...
So tell me 3 things...
Do you Miss me Miss Misery like you say you do?...
What do you See or Think of when your eyes are Closed?...
How can I improve to never lose you?...

♥My Darling Katt, I love you always and Forever♥
Closing Eyes
This goes to my Beloved.
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So... after idk how long... atleast 2 years... I have decided to start my Empire again on a social networking site I go on all the time.  I've caused a lot of crap with people, both purposefully and non-purposefully, but reading back through things.  I want to give those people another chance at knowing me, not because I'm opening up.  But because I'd like to make things better than it was.  Because I am better than I used to be, some may look at this and read this- thinking I'm just blowing smoke out and lying my head off, well no... Come chat with me if you know the DragonStone Empire, and see for your self... this last year and a half... has been a real eye opener for me.  I'm... out of the groove of what I used to do, I veered off my path from what made me happy- I didn't and couldn't stay on a straight line, but I'm willing to give it another shot... nothing will be perfect, nor near perfect as it once was... but hey... I'm willing to try and see what can happen.


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~If only, If only~
United States
If you irritate me or make me upset, you better stop while your ahead... Because once you've done me wrong- You will regret it, not necessarily by me though. Be weary of what you do around me or near me, and always... Expect the UN-expected.

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FallingAsleepTonight Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2012   Writer
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