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After all we are drifters :iconelegantdragonmaster:ElegantDragonMaster 0 0
Mature content
Trust and Despair :iconelegantdragonmaster:ElegantDragonMaster 0 0
Mature content
Let's watch it burn :iconelegantdragonmaster:ElegantDragonMaster 1 0
Closing Eyes
Closing Eyes
Closing my Eyes with hope, love, sincerity and Trust...
We always take things for granted until the one you love vanishes...
Never once do we know what we have until it's gone,
Closing my eyes I Hope and Pray that it'll be different...
Wishing and Believing that it is different,
Minds faulter and Opinions Clash,
I can say when I Close my Eyes,
I feel safe...
Like I Matter with you around...
Words... are... nothing but what we Believe them to do...
They can Either hurt or heal us...
It completely and totally depends on what you do with what's told to you,
Whether good or bad,
You will only find out in the end as life does as it pleases,
Within these balances...
Adaptable sequences of events,
I have learned 1 very important thing with my life,
That is...
Everyone... Will eventually hurt you,...You just need to know who's worth the pain...
There is one Person who will get this...
One person on my mind...
One soul tha
:iconelegantdragonmaster:ElegantDragonMaster 0 0
Share and Tell
share and tell, tail and pale the world revolves around so many issues but wanna know something? There's not enough tissues for the issues... Never will there be a silence that'll be enlightening.
:iconelegantdragonmaster:ElegantDragonMaster 1 2
Mature content
Sew My Mouth Shut And Staple My Eyes Closed :iconelegantdragonmaster:ElegantDragonMaster 1 0
Mature content
The Face :iconelegantdragonmaster:ElegantDragonMaster 0 0
Tomorrow as another day
Thinking of tomorrow from yesterday,
It seems such an endless existence of this so called "Time" that we live in,
In this world of make believe,
We've come to understand the fundamentals of living and dying,
Yet we always question life of "what's next?".
Thinking from each word that is to be typed or written,
It seems to be a flow like a river of thoughts,
Those chosen to be told are the ones who are the most entrenched memories...
But yet they state that having issues is giving you experience for the next,
So tell me...
Why does life make things so difficult in the time of need?
Why does those around; always leave you when you need the help the most?
Why does it feel like you are a walking puppet on the material that is beneath the strings?
Why is it that for a week it seems like it has always happened,
Depression, Sorrow, Anger, Anxiety, Fear, Hurt, Anguish, Bewitched and Taken advantage of...
From the eyes of another it appears that I am only normal,
To what normal even translates i
:iconelegantdragonmaster:ElegantDragonMaster 1 0
Mature content
Shattered like a reflection :iconelegantdragonmaster:ElegantDragonMaster 0 0
Mature content
Tackle me down and Chain me up. :iconelegantdragonmaster:ElegantDragonMaster 0 0
Chalice of thorns by ElegantDragonMaster Chalice of thorns :iconelegantdragonmaster:ElegantDragonMaster 0 0
Mature content
Faces upon places :iconelegantdragonmaster:ElegantDragonMaster 0 0
Mature content
.:Just give me a Reason to live:. :iconelegantdragonmaster:ElegantDragonMaster 1 2
Mature content
What is life without love :iconelegantdragonmaster:ElegantDragonMaster 1 0
Mature content
Hunny I'm coming home. :iconelegantdragonmaster:ElegantDragonMaster 1 6
Masks around souls
We live we breath,
We die we decay,
With every word being spoke,
Another description being formed,
How are we to know what's true?
How are we to know what isn't covered?
Covered beyond a mask to keep hurt,
Nobody knows the absolute pain,
Heartache and turmoil,
Another life,
Another lie,
Another fight of survival,
What does it matter,
Of if we live or die anymore...?
We can't see the truth beyond the lies,
The torture beyond smiles,
The everlasting pain behind the paper,
The ink being drawn out onto skin,
Never to be erased,
Just like scars,
What doesn't kill you leaves scars,
And those scars are what we keep hidden,
Never to show,
Never to bleed,
Never to be reopened onto the free,
But what is free with all this pain?
It is nothing... anymore...
What is a welcome if your told goodbye first?
Behind these masks,
I see cracks being formed,
Behind these lies,
I see glass being broken again,
Behind these thoughts,
I see life crumbling beneath me...
But if you do know the pain in my heart,
:iconelegantdragonmaster:ElegantDragonMaster 1 0


I Have Never
I have never quite forgiven myself
I have never felt like I deserve better
I have never felt so depressed
And I guess I have never felt love
I have never had a smaller hope
I have never had so much faith
I have never cried so many times
And I guess I have never felt so lost
I have never ever been so thoughtful
I have never in my dreams grinded so wide
I have never lost my faith in you
But I guess, that's why it hurts
:iconmeandor117:Meandor117 684 107
read when you feel drained
There will be days
when your thoughts overflow,
like hot tea
in the kettle of your mind
and you may feel
steeped like a tea bag,
as everyone extracts
what you have to offer,
and you're  s l o w l y  becoming drained
but just remember
when you're put in hot water:
you have the strength to change it into something greater.
:icontangled-tales:Tangled-Tales 231 63
inuyasha and kagome (WIP) by Cate397 inuyasha and kagome (WIP) :iconcate397:Cate397 47 14
Nothing But A Puppet
I am nothing but a puppet,
A thing that you control.
A simple wooden toy,
I do not have a soul.
I am nothing but a puppet,
Someone to do your bidding.
Your demands from my body,
Relentless, unforgiving.
I am nothing but a puppet,
Your fingers pull my strings.
They pull in all directions,
Twisting, tangling.
I am nothing but a puppet,
My strings down by my sides,
Trailing closely right behind me,
My eternally bounding ties.
:iconcaylee-slansen:Caylee-Slansen 128 57
brown bed black cotton bondage babe by cziiki
Mature content
brown bed black cotton bondage babe :iconcziiki:cziiki 544 38
B O U N D by killeveryth1ng
Mature content
B O U N D :iconkilleveryth1ng:killeveryth1ng 16 0
Compelled by LaurenCalaway Compelled :iconlaurencalaway:LaurenCalaway 641 66 DeTKOo by DeTKOo DeTKOo :icondetkoo:DeTKOo 1,330 86 Cassandra's webcam show by tailsrulz Cassandra's webcam show :icontailsrulz:tailsrulz 2,527 260
Time moves so slowly when you think about it; when you're sitting in class staring at the clock waiting for it to change, when you're counting down the hours endlessly ticking by. And sometimes, it completely freezes.
I walked past the empty houses, still and cold with the wind whistling through their open shutters. I remembered the time when people walked about the streets, when people crowded around bustling with nothing but time on their mind—being late, being early, must get to where they need to go, no time, too little time…
Now there was too much.
The days continued to pass by. The earth continued to rotate and the sun still drifted across the sky in its typical pattern, but nothing else did. Season's didn't come anymore, all we had was the eternal autumn. Some days it would snow, others it would rain, but never would I feel the suns warming rays touch my cheeks again. I remember that feeling, the feeling of radiation heating the body. But that was all anything was now,
:iconmalevolentevil:MalevolentEvil 1 3
the soldiers by azurakami
Mature content
the soldiers :iconazurakami:azurakami 1 2
A killer, a blood drinker,
A demon come to life.
You are death in sweetest form.
A kiss you place upon the neck
Of a lover who is food.
Never shall you truly mix
With the mortals that feed you.
No lover shall you truly have,
No family, no true friends.
You are loneliness in its truest form,
An immortal with one destiny.
You shall stay forever young,
Your family, your friends,
They will age and die.
You will forever suffer their loss,
And seek something,
Something to quench your eternal thirst.
:iconphoenixepitaph:PhoenixEpitaph 2 5
Lilith 2 by gsphoto
Mature content
Lilith 2 :icongsphoto:gsphoto 680 83
A Smile Worth Making
Why do I smile,
Even when I'm unhappy,
And I feel like there is nothing inside of me,
And it hurts to care?
Perhaps I lie to myself,
To trick my brain into being joyful,
So that I can form phantoms of wonderful things,
But that would only bring false love.
Maybe I am perpetually happy,
But my lonely nights show that I can be broken.
And who is happy when they can't even fall asleep
When their thoughts torment them?
It must be something else
It's because when I smile,
Other people smile, and it makes them happy,
They feel that if I can be happy, and optimistic and joyous,
Then they can too.
When I bring joy to other people,
I feel complete, purposeful, and happy,
Even if they don't give anything back, I love it,
That is why I smile now.
That is why I will smile forever.
:iconliveonelifeatatime:LiveOneLifeAtATime 1 3
My beauties by hack-slash My beauties :iconhack-slash:hack-slash 2 13 weeping angels wallpaper by EmpressNairec weeping angels wallpaper :iconempressnairec:EmpressNairec 23 60


Definentely a favourite of mine now, wow... many words, so scribbled on and so hurt, which is so........ i'm not sure honestly, that is...

I say that's really good, the empowering sense of so many things it is immense, especially with what I can relate to it, which are seve...


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To the ones I write,
To the ones who hear,
The ones that are near,
We see and we feel,
Oh the glorious times we do surely reel,
To the spinning line to what it tells,
How much of a pity it could feel,
How much of a deity it would be,
How it would be oh so grand,
To live a life with no end,
How much of a pain it would be,
To live a life with no end,
Contradictions are untold,
To the ones that read,
To the ones that need,
We hear the laughter,
We see the slaughter,
But what is the purpose if there is no circumstance?

Dilly Dally Shilly Shally,
Wasting the moments away,
But having a motive that is seen,
The motives are clear as can be,
But none can see the pain before the sea,
Spelling things out one day at a time,
Perhaps this one will be the vine,
The last cord,
The last bine,
Tie the knot tight,
And hope not to fall,
Into the depths from far beyond,
Far below.

After all we all must go,
But enjoying the time as it would be,
It would be the kindest blessing you see,
Whether it's a Disaster or a Miracle,
Neither are promised,
Lacking and taking,
Weeping and Raking,
Faking and basking,
To the Glory that we can be,
Tell me,
How do you see your self?

The inner core that keeps so strong,
The inner side that is foretold,
For the everlasting dream is still set free,
Tie the noose ten miles wide,
Hang it up high in the sky,
Pray the lord that one day you may Cry,
One last tear before you say goodbye,
After all... We are just drifters you see.

Coming and going as we please,
Helping or mocking as we release,
The hands that grasp,
The fingertips that slip,
Where would you be,
10 years ago?

There comes a time when you must be free,
And to the freedom we hold so high,
So mighty,
Almost like the clouds,
Being seen but never felt from the clutches,
Being in crutches is seen as a sin,
However being so kind is not known by all in kin,
Tell me what makes you tick,
What makes you writhe,
What makes you wish the things that are unspoken,
After all,
We all have a voice,
We all have a choice,
We all have a purpose,
What is yours?

After all we are drifters
Reading between the lines is one of the best but also sometimes one of the worst things to do.

Mature Content

This content is intended for mature audiences.

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They who claim to know all,
See all,
And believe all around them,
Have failed in this world to know the true definition of Trust and Despair.

Trust your self for fear your fate will be coming near,
Despair with no lack of hair,
Or beware that you may some day be aware...

We constantly think about the days lost,
The days gained,
The time that is ticking away,
Perhaps the pain in our hearts,
The everlasting agony we live in day by day,
Each day making it seem more and more unbearable,
I speak this out with a grain of salt,
To those who can see,
Those who can read the true meanings behind the words...

Trust and Despair two of the very lost things as of days end,
We wrap our selfs around another,
...Perhaps multiple...
Only to find out we are trusting in false hope...
We never know how absent we truly are until we look in the mirror,
Watching out selfs fall apart at the seams,
Tearing apart day by day, night by night,
Reviewing the past,
Reviewing what was said prior,
Reviewing those years long past,
Thinking to our selfs "Did I really do this so long ago?"

The trust in our selfs,
To look into the mirror and to not spit on our own reflection,
To look back on past posts and to think about where your life has been,
The types of chaos you've been put through,
That's almost never ending...
A constant struggle of Trust and Despair,
The lack of hope in the words that are spoken,
The words that seem to have no value,
And thus...
The value has lacked in your own essence...

Perhaps within one days senses,
We might come and reach a time to where we won't have so much resistance in the presence,
Of our selfs,
But the only question is... what is there anymore to trust...if all you have left is despair...?
The light dims per every step,
The voices begin to fade,
The motivations,...slowly wilt away,
As if they were never meant to be.
So tell me Darkness...
What do you seek from me now?...
Haven't you taken enough from me yet?...
Is it Ms. Misery who seeks me yet again?...
Because as of late,
It seems she's always near...

Watching and listening,
Whispering and Tantalizing...

Trust and Despair
Lets see how this will compare to how I have done before.  There has been... a number of things that have changed in my life since my last deviation... some good some not so good, alright being honest.  About nothing has been positive and has REMAINED positive... and wow back then I used to speak my mind... a lot more than these days... seeing the changes kinda...makes me question if I'm even really alive anymore, just not too long ago, I have just logged back into here, as well as found a Deviation...that made a little spark of life happen, and I'd like to show my appreciation, to tangled-tales, for the deviation "read when you feel drained", I believe this came in my life, just when I needed it because this entire night, I have felt like the end is coming near, and thus, I found tales's Deviation.  So thank you again! You honestly gave me the inspiration to actually continue with this Deviation it's self into Birth... I about quit 3/4 the way through but just thinking about the possibility that this even might be a change for someone, I pushed forward and continued it...not sure exactly how I like it turned out etc... I've slipped into a time to where I have found my self not liking my own Poems as of late and have lost most motivation to even write or express anything, before posting this up I took a look through my own Gallery, and I have to say... so much already I had noticed's ....'s almost like I'm not the same person at all anymore... but for a quick link to the deviation I speak of, I'll post it here…
  • Listening to: Nothing.
  • Reading: Nothing.
  • Watching: Nothing.
  • Playing: Nothing.
  • Eating: Nothing.
  • Drinking: Nothing.
So... after idk how long... atleast 2 years... I have decided to start my Empire again on a social networking site I go on all the time.  I've caused a lot of crap with people, both purposefully and non-purposefully, but reading back through things.  I want to give those people another chance at knowing me, not because I'm opening up.  But because I'd like to make things better than it was.  Because I am better than I used to be, some may look at this and read this- thinking I'm just blowing smoke out and lying my head off, well no... Come chat with me if you know the DragonStone Empire, and see for your self... this last year and a half... has been a real eye opener for me.  I'm... out of the groove of what I used to do, I veered off my path from what made me happy- I didn't and couldn't stay on a straight line, but I'm willing to give it another shot... nothing will be perfect, nor near perfect as it once was... but hey... I'm willing to try and see what can happen.


ElegantDragonMaster's Profile Picture
~If only, If only~
United States
If you irritate me or make me upset, you better stop while your ahead... Because once you've done me wrong- You will regret it, not necessarily by me though. Be weary of what you do around me or near me, and always... Expect the UN-expected.


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